Paleo Raw Chocolate & Walnut Fudge Brownies

Raw Paleo Brownies  Raw Paleo Brownies

So I am a huge fan of really fudgy walnut filled brownies but I am also a huge fan of raw desserts. This recipe is a match made in heaven. This is your go-to on a rainy day, or maybe when you are PMS raging the house down… or maybe you just feel like you need a cuddle… or maybe you just feel a little naughty?! Who cares, these raw brownies will solve any of life’s little problems!

All you need for this is a bunch of ingredients and a decent food processor – it was meant to be, c’mon!

I know medjool dates can be a little pricey but do not sub for regular dates, the result will not be a nice fudgy brownie but rather a more crumbly one! You may however replace the cacao for cocoa but as you all know you will lose out nutritionally!

These raw brownies can be stored frozen for up to 6 weeks but I seriously doubt that any of you will have the will power to do so, so just store these bad boys in an airtight container in the fridge to keep them nice and firm. Don’t worry though these can be served at room temperature however I found these were most enjoyable when left out of the fridge for 10 minutes before serving!

Makes: 6-8 medium squares

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Setting Time: 1 hour


1 cup pitted medjool dates packed
1 cup pecans (preferably activated)
3/4 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 tbsp raw almond butter
1 tbsp coconut cream
1 tbsp maple syrup
1/8 tsp Himalayan pink salt
1/2 cup walnuts (preferably activated)


  1. Combine all of your ingredients except for the walnuts into the bowl of your food processor. Pulse a few times before processing until the mixture forms a smooth ball. Be sure to scrape down the sides frequently using a spatula to ensure that the ingredients mix process thoroughly.
  2. Pulse in your 1/2 cup of walnuts until you get a nice mix of walnut chunks.
  3. Grease and line a a suitable sized dish with greaseproof paper (I used a 19cm x 14cm 0.8L capacity Pyrex dish) be sure to leave enough excess so that you can lift the brownies out.
  4. Drop in your brownie mixture and be sure to press down firmly until evenly distributed.
  5. Place into the freezer for 1 hour until set.
  6. Remove from the freezer and use a knife or spatula to ease out the sides before tipping out the brownies. Cut the brownies into your desired size and then EAT!

Raw Paleo BrowniesRaw Paleo BrowniesRaw Paleo BrowniesRaw Paleo Brownies


The Primal Pantry NEW Apple & Pecan raw Paleo bar review!

The Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan raw Paleo bar

So the new Apple & Pecan raw Paleo bar from The Primal Pantry is due to be released across the UK in and those wonderful people at The Primal Pantry (formely The Primal Kitchen) decided to send me out a couple to have a good munch on and review. Boy were they yummy!

The Primal Pantry was founded by a UK based nutritionist called Suzie Walker, in 2014 (a fantastic interview with Suzie can be found here at Paleo Polly).

Suzie embarked upon a mission to create the perfect Paleo bar and armed with nothing more than her kitchen blender, some dried fruit, coconut and nuts she set forth on her culinary creative endeavours. All of Suzie’s wonderful taste testers were so impressed with her bars that not so long after The Primal Kitchen was born! The Primal Kitchen has recently been renamed, rebranded & remarketed due to ever increasing international demand.

The Primal Pantry bars were designed to provide people living a Primal lifestyle with the opportunity to buy a natural energy snack that could carried around on-the-go and consumed with the knowledge that all of the ingredients are 100% Paleo and 0% junk. Every bar is made from no more than 5 ingredients and always with produce that you would find in your own home cupboard. This means no grain, no dairy, no soy, no vegetable oils and most importantly no refined sugars! The dried fruit in the bars is unsweetened and hasn’t been treated with suplhites or oils.

All of the bars are lovingly cold-pressed and handmade in the UK – fantastic hey?! Oh and I forgot to mention that these badboys are all Vegan friendly too!

The Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan raw Paleo bar

So now you know all about the brains and behind The Primal Pantry I guess you guys want to know what this little treat tastes like? Right?!


So this bar totes 6 different ingredients; dates, apple, pecans, almonds, cinnamon & almond oil.

Well other than the obvious (of being utterly delicious), these bars had just the right depth of flavour. The same signature date taste of the previous bars still remains but you can see gorgeous little pieces of unsweetened green apple gleaming through the jewelled date bar, and there is a subtle apple taste to compliment. It was generously studded with some chopped almonds and my favourite buttery and rich tasting nuts of all time – yes, teh great pecans!

But I have to say that my favourite part was the cheeky little hint of cinnamon that I could only just detect but enough to excite my cinnamon loving palate.

The Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan raw Paleo barThe Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan raw Paleo barThe Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan raw Paleo barThe Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan raw Paleo bar

This bar is high in fat but the good kinds of fats. You may or may not know that pecans contain high levels of monounsaturated fats that help to reduce not only your total cholesterol levels but your LDL cholesterol within your blood. LDL is the bad stuff just for the record. It also increases your HDL cholestorel levels which, yup, you guessed it are the good kinds of cholesterol. This all helps to prevent heart disease and strokes. Pecans also contain a healthy amount of vitamin E, antioxidants, & polyphenols which will all keep your skin, hair and nails all sexy and whatnot, whilst fighting the ageing process and other age related diseases too.

The almonds are high in protein and fats too and there is a hefty amount of sugar in the dates, but hopefully the cinnamon in there will help to regulate blood sugar levels just that little bit so that you don’t get too much of a sugar spike and crash. This all makes for a perfect pre and post workout snack. In fact I consumed one before and after my workout and felt smashing. High fat foods are always my favourite foods! Primal Pantry Apple & Pecan raw Paleo bar

I’m sold! When and where can I buy these yummy primal creations?!

So if you want to get your hands on some 100% natural grain-free primal energy which is high in omega fatty acids then you will have to wait until the end of this month… but it will be well worth it I can assure you!

You’ll be able to find the new flavour stocked in Tesco, Superdrug, plenty of health stores, CrossFit boxes and well my favourite little place for all your Paleo needs called Perfectly Paleo!

There are four other flavours in The Primal Pantry range; Almond & Cashew, Brazil nut & Cherry, Coconut & Macadamia and Hazelnut & Cacao. If you would like to read my review of the other 4 delcious Primal Pantry bars then just click here!

If you would like to see what Suzie and her fellow Primal Pantry team are getting up to then why not follow them on:

Twitter: @PrimalPantryUK

Facebook: @primalpantryuk

Instagram: @theprimalpantry


Paleo Christmas Stuffed Middle Eastern Dates

Paleo Stuffed Middle Eastern Dates

Yeah I know what a mouthful! No pun intended ahem.

These are Vegan and Paleo friendly, super fast to create and packed full of flavour. They are great nibbles to serve up when you have guests waiting for their main meals! Best of all they look like beautiful shiny jewels – ahhhhhh!

I have seen stuffed dates before, they usually aren’t anything special – just some nuts. I first came across dates stuffed with cream cheese and cinnamon when I went to my other half’s mum’s house for an Armenian style Christmas dinner. They were super tasty. As I am part Israeli I wanted to add in some of my favourite flavours but still keep it in line with the whole Christmas theme. It tastes relatively similar to my Raw No Bake Paleo Christmas Cheesecake.

This recipe requires you to soak your nuts overnight or for at least 4 hours to soften them enough!

These dates are stuffed with a faux cream cheese, spices, rose water, orange zest and some roasted nuts. Fab! If you’d like to make these a little boozy then why not try adding 2 tablespoons of rum?!

Makes: 25-30 stuffed dates

Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes (plus overnight soaking time)

Cooking Time: No bake my friends, no bake!


500g Medjool Dates
50g macadamia nuts (soaked)
50g cashew nuts (soaked)
Juice 1/2 lemon
1/2 tbsp rose water
1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
1/2 tbsp ground cinnamon
Pinch ground cloves
10 cardamom pods (seeds removed & ground)
1/4 tsp vanilla powder
Pinch Himalayn pink salt
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp raw honey (or maple syrup)
1.5 tbsp coconut sugar
1/2 peeled courgette
Zest 1/2 orange
1 tbsp almond butter
Small handful of roasted almonds, pistachios or walnuts


  1. Firstly place your nuts into a small baking tray in the oven at 180C until nicely browned. This is likely to take about 5 minutes.
  2. Whilst your nuts are roasting place all of your ingredients except for the dates, courgette, orange zest and almond butter into a food processor. Process until smooth. Be sure to scrape down the sides regularly. Process for around 5 minutes.
  3. Remove your roasted nuts and leave aside to cool.
  4. Peel and dice your courgette. Add to the rest of the faux cream cheese mix and process until fully blended.
  5. Pulse in your orange zest.
  6. Remove the faux cream cheese from the processor bowl and place into a small mixing bowl.
  7. Roughly chop your roasted nuts and throw into your faux cream cheese mix, give it a good mix.
  8. Fold in your almond butter so that it is nicely swirled around.
  9. Butterfly and de-stone all of your dates.
  10. Using a teaspoon take a large heaped spoonful of the faux cream cheese and spread into the middle of the butterflied dates. Gently close the butterfly and put aside. Repeat the process until they are all full.
  11. If you are wanting to serve these up right away place into the freezer for 10 minutes as they are best served cold. Otherwise store in the fridge until needed! Enjoy!

Paleo Stuffed Middle Eastern DatesPaleo Stuffed Middle Eastern Dates