Ayni Chocolate Matcha Bar Review

Ayni Chocolate Matcha Bar

So now you’re finished drooling over that awesomely delicious picture of the Ayni Chocolate Matcha Bar I guess you’d like to know a little more about the lady that HANDCRAFTED it! Yes not only is this chocolate raw, Paleo, Vegan, allergen and refined sugar free it is made from organic ingredients and then lovingly handmade and wrapped to perfection. What isn’t there to love?!

Below is the Ayni Chocolate mission statement and it’s an absolute corker of one too –  I think you’d have to agree with me there!

“Ayni Chocolate is gluten, dairy, nut, egg, grain, sesame seed, soy, and refined sugar free; making it suitable for a wide range of allergy suffers, as well as those on restricted diets, whether through choice or necessity.
We believe that living a ‘free from’ life shouldn’t mean living a bland, treat free life. As allergy sufferers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to find exciting and innovative chocolates; we hope that our growing selection of delicious, allergy free chocolates will bring you as much pleasure as they do us!”

So how did Ayni Chocolate come about?!

Pru (who runs under the blog Creatively Paleo) only just started up her little chocolate empire in June 2014 and her story is just the sweetest. Now normally I would write a load of waffle here about how people started out their companies but I don’t feel that I can do Pru justice as well as ummm well Pru can. The more and more I begin to learn about this woman the more my love for her and what she achieves grows. To find out the real story of how Pru got started out please read this link here. It won’t take you 5 minutes to read and it will just make your heart fill with giddy joy!

If you don’t have time however (but you better make some later or else!), in a nut shell Pru met some lovely people that put all of their faith into her and her love of chocolate and helped her to grow. Pru also pays it forward by giving at least 10% of her profits to Kiva Loans – a non profit organisation that through lending helps to alleviate poverty.

But why the name Ayni Chocolate I hear you all shout?

Well good question! Pru sources her ingredients from Peru and so she after a spot of ‘googling’ she stumbled upon the Peruvian word ‘Ayni’. Ayni roughly translates in English to ‘right relationship’ – a system of mutual support used in Andean communities.

So now you know a little bit about Pru and all of her mischevious chocolate making activites I can tell you a little (or a lot) about this fabulous little matcha green tea white chocolate!

Tell me about this magnificent Ayni Chocolate Matcha Bar! NOW!

Ayni Chocolate Matcha BarAyni Chocolate Matcha BarAyni Chocolate Matcha BarAyni Chocolate Matcha Bar

So as you can see this bar is super green and super shiny (seriously mesmerising), everything about it is aesthetically pleasing, so much so that it makes you want to dive face first into it and nom nom nom it down!

The ingredients are pretty much how I like them – simple; Organic Raw Cacao Butter (60%), Organic Maple Sugar, Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Matcha Powder, Medicine Flower Extracts.

The taste was just gorgeous, a sort of intense and buttery, creamy sweetness coupled with a bold matcha green tea flavour followed by a beautiful faint undertone of maple and toffee. Oh my I was in heaven! The texture wasn’t at all how I imagined it, although I’m not sure what I imagined it to be like. It wasn’t gritty like most raw chocolates but it was granular, the grains weren’t from sugar however they were formed from cacao butter! The chocolate itself was very smooth but upon biting into a piece it instantly starts to melt in your mouth, but not how you would expect – it rather interestingly melts into tiny cacao granules before fully melting. It was quite literally a party in my mouth! (That was not intended to sound saucy)…

Ayni Chocolate Matcha BarAyni Chocolate Matcha BarAyni Chocolate Matcha BarAyni Chocolate Matcha Bar

So, yes this really would be the perfect gift for the Hulk to buy for his beautiful She Hulk this Valentine’s Day. Just a super special treat that I reckon nobody could manage to share! (Go on I dare you to try!)

You can bag your own 40g Ayni Chocolate Matcha bar here for £2.85.

But Pru didn’t stop there however – she snuck me in a little cheeky chocolate project and I just can’t help but share it with you all. These photos here are of an awesome little raw chocolate tropical toffee mix that was just to die for! Really! It contained chocolate coated mulberries, coconut, apricot and mango. Ooooooh momma! Yup this one was a hit in my household and my other half actually stole half of the bag (as he did with the matcha bar).

photo 3(108)photo 5(70)

So as you can see Pru is ever the inventor of all things Paleo chocolate and I can’t imagine that changing anytime soon. You will find plenty of choccy inventions on her website, not just chocolate bars though there are chocolates for the kiddiewinks, some great Valentine’s gifts, drinking chocolate and even filled chocolates and truffles!

If you’d like to follow Pru online please check out the links below:

Facebook: @CreativelyPaleo

Twitter: @creativelypaleo

Instagram: @creativelypaleo

Pinterest: @creativelypaleo


DRINKmaple Review


That’s right DRINKmaple is now available in the UK as of today! How very exciting. I was lucky enough to recieve 3 250ml cartons of the yummy pure maple water (yes pure! nothing else!) from the wonderful DRINKmaple EU team to guzzle my way through. And boy did I guzzle.

Touting the motto ‘Mother Nature is the best chemist’ I was instantly sold by this company.

DRINKmaple was founded by the two health conscious Ironman triathletes Kate and Jeff after they had a chance run in with some maple water whilst competing in a triathlon in Mont Tremblant. They were so impressed that they wanted to find a convenient way to bottle the stuff up for people to consume in their hometowns rather than paying the added cost of an imported item.

Kate and Jeff believe that chemicals belong in the science lab and not in our food and drink, and I’m sure that anyone reading this probably will be along the same line of thinking. If you’d like to read more about their story then click here.

So I guess a lot of you are wondering what an earth maple water is…

Quite simply maple water is the sap from the maple tree, not to be confused with maple syrup which is the sap that has been heated and reduced down into a syrup.

DRINKmaple taps the sap straight from the maple trees to the bottle meaning that it is in it’s purest form and there is therefore no nutritious breakdown.

Don’t worry though no trees are harmed during the process and the sap can only be tapped when it is ready to flow upward. Over time the sap collects nutrients from the soil, once the warmer weather approaches the sap begins to deliver the nutrients to the tree by running vertically up the tree. It is then that the sap can be collected. This means that it is a sustainable product and can be tapped for years on end. So yes this is an eco-friendly product you’ll be happy to know!

So what is so special about DRINKmaple maple water?!

Well, where an earth do I begin?

  • DRINKmaple is the ultimate superfood, it contains 46 nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, electrolytes & prebiotics.
  • It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, Paleo and Vegan.
  • It is super hydrating due to it’s high electrolyte content. It contains the electrolytes calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which help to maintain the function of your heart, muscles and the electrical impulses sent to your nervous system. If you want to boost the electrolyte content even more for your own performance drink and squeeze of lemon, and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and Himalayan pink salt will go a long way! Otherwise this is the perfect post workout hydration.
  • Maple water contains more manganese than a cup of kale! Manganese helps to absorb vitamins and magnesium so all the natural components of this drink work in unison. Manganese also improves thyroid and bone health, controls blood sugar levels, and eliminates nasty free radicals from the body.
  • One 250ml carton contains only 20 calories (if you count those things) and is low in sugar – in fact it contains half the sugar content of coconut water.
  • It contains Abscisic Acid (ABA) which helps to regulate blood sugar which would be particularly beneficial to those suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • It can help to boost your metabolism. If you want to make this into your own metabolism powerhouse of a drink just add the juice of half a lemon with 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper! If you’re not so brave just add a pinch.
  • So as I mentioned before it contains a lot of polyphenols. Polyphenols are a type of nutrient with anti-carconegenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. That basically means they help to lower the risk of contracting things like heart disease and cancer. With the anti-inflammatory properties you may even see an improvement of your skin – fab!


Ok this maple stuff sounds pretty impressive but I bet it tastes pretty gross?

Nuh-uh my friends. Not at all, it pretty much tastes like water with the slight sweetness and hint of a maple syrupy taste. I would say that this is probably more appealing to people than coconut water due to that fact alone. Although I do love coconut water myself.

What was your overall verdict then?

I love this stuff! I tried drinking a carton pre and post workout and found that it did hydrate me faster than water did. It was very pleasant to drink, in fact it almost seemed thinner and lighter than regular water so it didn’t fill me up too fast.

As the taste isn’t too strong I can imagine this being the best hangover remedy yet or even if you’re a bit under the weather from the flu or a stomach bug. It’s super refreshing and subtly tasty.

Most of all though I love the simplicity and honesty of this brand. The packaging alone depicts this. It’s modern but it’s not pretentious and it’s just simple and beautiful like Mother Nature herself.

My only criticism is that I would love to see some larger carton sizes and for it to be available in more locations. Not really a criticism of the product and considering they only launched in the UK 1st January I really can’t complain!

So yes, I am in love with this drink and will be purchasing many more for my workout supplies! If it’s good enough for the indigenous people of North America then it is more than good enough for me!

But enough of me harping on go out there and try for yourself!!!

 So where can I buy this glorious stuff from and will it break my bank?

So the DRINKmaple shop has a lot to offer! You can buy 6x250ml cartons for £10 which comes to around £1.67 a carton, quite dear buuuuut if you buy 12x250ml cartons it will only set you back £18 which is a modest £1.50 per carton.

It is currently only available in the following Harvey Nichols; Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool & London. So if you fancy hitting the high street for a swish refreshing bevvy go there!


If you’d like to follow DRINKmaple online then check out the links below:


Twitter: @drinkmapleeu

Facebook: @drinkmapleeurope

Instagram: @drinkmapleeu

MULU Raw Organic Chocolate Review

MULU Organic Raw chocolate range

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a care package from MULU containing their full product range. I kept this under wraps as I have had a bundle of products to review and I thought it would be best to save this one for the weekend. And just in time for the start of Christmas shopping the wonderful people at MULU are giving a mahoosive 20% off of all Greens of the Stone Age reader’s first orders! Wahey!

About MULU

I’ll start by telling you a little about the amazing MULU raw chocolate. When Kaycee & Ben Fordham took a trip to Cornwall they stumbled across their first taste of raw chocolate. Elated at the idea that chocolate could be beneficial to your health they decided to do a little research about raw chocolate. They discovered that although it may well be good for your health it wasn’t comparable in taste and quality to a lot of commercial chocolates available. They decided to try and make their own raw chocolate in hopes of perfecting the recipe for the best raw chocolate around. MULU Chocolate Ltd. was founded in 2007. (If you’d like to read more about Ben & Kaycee’s story then click here.)


MULU love to keep their packaging as ‘raw’ as their chocolate. I absolutely love how their boxes and inner wrappers are recyclabe, biodegradable and from sustainable sources. In fact all of their card is actually recycled. The inks that they use to print are plant based and all of their boxes are sealed using a water based varnish – I didn’t even know that that even existed! Amazing!


All of the ingredients used at MULU are certified organic and ethically sourced. Their raw cacao is sourced in Ecuador where they have formed close and trusting relationships with cacao farmers (most of which are fairtrade certified) from small scale productions. To read more about how MULU work with their suppliers please click here.

Their chocolate bars are handcrafted at very low temperatures and contain very few ingredients; (which is great in my books) raw cacao, agave nectar, vanilla and incredibly small trace amount of sunflower lecithin. Their products are soya free and suitable for people suffering from soya allergies. The sunflower lecithin used is non-organic, however it is certified GMO free.

MULU raw chocolate is Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and nut-free. Although their factory is a nut-free working environment they state that they “cannot guarantee nut-free” products due to the fact that their cocoa beans are picked, dried and processed in a rainforest so nut contamination is possible if a nut were to fall from a tree.

Agave nectar is high in fructose and so cannot be a certified Paleo product, however it is Paleo friendly and should be consumed sensibly in small amounts. To read more about agave and the Paleo diet please read my agave article here.

The MULU Chocolate Range

MULU Christmas Star

At 70% minimum cocoa solids, the MULU star is the same as their dark chocolate bar. I love the MULU Christmas Star it’s cute and fun. It’s pocket sized – or stocking sized rather! And well it’s delicious.

When you first open the box there is a super cute magical shooting star and following it the little saying “Shoot for the moon… dance among the stars” – I just love it! If you had this on Christmas day in your stocking it would just make it!

The chocolate was chunky and had a nice well tempered snap to it. Although the chocolate was very firm the texture was almost butter like and incredibly smooth once it began to melt in your mouth. The flavour was slightly nutty and a bit bitter – not too bitter though as a there is a lovely sweetness to it, but again it was not too sweet either. There was a slight floral note to this, I guess you could say it is a bit reminiscent of Turkish delight!

Yup I love this one for sure and at £1.20 for this beautiful little handcrafted 20g star of raw chocolate it’s a bargain gift for Christmas! If you’d like to buy one click on the link here.

MULU Christmas StarMULU Christmas StarMULU Christmas StarMULU Christmas Star

MULU Raw Chocolate Buttons

This is MULU’s lowest cocoa solids product at just 58% minimum cocoa solids. This is certainly perfect for children as a once in a while treat. Again it would make a great stocking filler.

The chocolate is smoother, meltier and has a milky taste to it probably due to the lower cocoa solids teamed with the organic vanilla that is used. My 9 year old daughter loved these and devoured the lot before I could say stop.

It’s a 22g bag with 10 small round chocolate buttons. As they are very melty they wouldn’t be much of a choking hazard for young children but again due to the agave nectar I think that these would be more suitable for older children.

If you’d like to pick up the MULU raw chocolate buttons for a mere £1.00 then click here.

MULU Raw Chocolate ButtonsMULU Raw Chocolate ButtonsMULU Raw Chocolate ButtonsMULU Raw Chocolate Buttons

MULU Silk Block

The MULU silk block is a sort of ‘dark’ milk standing at around 65% cocoa solids.

The texture was very similar to the MULU star but slightly meltier and not as soft as the MULU buttons. The butteriness does linger with you for a little while and their is a more distinct fruity and floral flavour rather than nutty. This was a very comforting bar and would be great with a big mug of hot chocolate and some furry slippers. The blocks are around 1cm thick or possibly thicker so this is the ‘Yorkie’ of the raw chocolate world I love it!

For a whopping 74g you can bag this at just £2.99 from MULU.

MULU Silk BlockMULU Silk BlockMULU Silk BlockMULU Silk Block

MULU Dark Block

The MULU dark block is a minimum of 70% cocoa solids. It is the same chocolate as the MULU star and so is very solid yet buttery once it enters your bouche! In a very weird way it reminded me of a Bournville bar but far more sophisticated with it’s nutty flavour. The MULU dark chocolate isn’t as rich and complex as other raw chocolates around but it’s simplicity really did win me over. It’s not dressed up trying to be anything else. It’s just a very sweet, solid chunky bar that you probably would have craved before you went down the healthy route.

I really like it and it’s smoothness is so comforting.  You can pick up this 74g block of MULU dark for £2.99 from MULU.

MULU Dark BlockMULU Dark BlockMULU Dark BlockMULU Dark Block

MULU Dark with Raw Cacao Nibs Block

So the minimum cocoa solids of this bar is 64% excluding the cacao nibs, including them it would be 73%.

Out of all the bars this one was my favourite in flavour and texture. It has a slightly milkier taste than the MULU Dark and has an amazing crunch when you bite into it due to the crushed cacao nibs. If you want to reap the maximum benefits of raw chocolate and still want that bitter kick then this is the MULU bar for you!

This bar only weighs 68g but I can promise you that you won’t notice at all! If you want to try this bar then head on over to MULU.

MULU Dark with Cacao Nibs BlockMULU Dark with Cacao Nibs BlockMULU Dark with Cacao Nibs BlockMULU Dark with Cacao Nibs

My ultimate verdict

I really like the branding of the products at MULU – the mothernature-esque background that adorns all of their packaging along with the tagline ‘The way mother nature intended‘ is just breathtaking. They seem more like an indulgent luxury raw chocolate treat or the perfect gift for a loved one due to the way they are packaged. The ethics at MULU are outstanding, and any green and responsible business will win me over.

The taste and the texture of these products shocked me. There wasn’t even the tiniest bit of powderiness that you would associate with a lot of raw chocolates and they remind me of simple childhood treats that have been made to be slightly more complex and a lot more sophisticated for the adult market. MULU have succeeded in their dream to create a raw chocolate bar that equals that of the commercial chocolate market.

My only criticism is the use of agave nectar – and well, this is purely because I would like to be able to treat myself more often and scoff an entire bar. But I guess that’s what will make MULU more special for me – it’s a little treat I can look forward to, and they are always the best!

If you’d like to place an order then head over to the MULU online store and go wild for Christmas! Don’t forget to quote MULU20 on your first order for a whopping 20% off!

I can’t wait to see what MULU have in store for the future!

If you’d like to follow MULU Organic Raw Chocolate online then check out the links below:

Facebook: @MuluRawChocolate

Twitter: @mulurawchocolat

Instagram: @muluchocolate



Had any experience with MULU products before? Then don’t be scared to leave a comment!

NUA Naturals Review

Nua Naturals

Nua Naturals Coconut Flour, Goji Berries & Coconut Palm Sugar

Some of my readers may remember that a few weeks back the wonderful people at NUA Naturals sent me out some of their coconut flour, coconut sugar and some goji berries to review and get creative with.

If you haven’t heard about NUA Naturals before then shame on you!!! Not really I’m just messing with you… Let me tell you a little bit about them…

They are an Irish health food business who are at the cutting edge of the global trends of ‘Raw Food’, ‘Gluten Free’, and ‘Vegan’. They’re lovers, suppliers and artisan producers of organic health foods. 95% of their range is Organic (excluding their goji berries, MSM & bee pollen) and the only product of theirs that is not Vegan is, well, the bee pollen.

They are such a lovely and fab company that could definitely do with a bit more exposure in England I think! So hopefully this review will help – if even just a little!

NUA Naturals Coconut Flour

NUA Naturals Coconut Flour

This coconut flour is made from organic coconut meat.  It is dried at low temperatures to preserve it’s nutrient content and then ground into a fine flour. In fact this flour is very fine and I’d say it’s one of the finest coconut flours that I have used. It has the texture of a slightly heavier regular plain wheat flour.  It isn’t as dense as almond flour and so is great for cakes, pancakes and muffins etc.

Coconut flour may well be a little pricey but a little goes a long way. For instance you could use only 1/4 cup and require 1-2 eggs and a substantial amount of liquid to accompany it – this can be milk, raw honey, maple or date syrup etc. In fact I’d say 1/4 cup of extra liquid on top of the eggs! The wet to dry ratio pretty much doubles in comparison to regular cooking, i.e. cooking with wheat flour. What I am trying to say is that coconut flour is super absorbent. I see a lot of recipes requiring a billion eggs but this isn’t necessary, while the eggs will help to bind your ingredients together it’s more the liquid content you require so that you don’t end up with some sort of stodgy brick of a cake or whatever it is that you are making.

I personally don’t tend to cook with large quantities of coconut flour, or any flour for that matter. I am more of a flour blend type of lady. For instance when I use coconut flour in my pancake mix I’ll typically use just 1 tbsp.  I always feel that you need some ‘stretch’ when using coconut flour and so I usually blend it with something starchy like tapioca flour when using large amounts.

Coconut flour is also an excellent thickening agent, and as it can be eaten raw you can chuck it into anything from protein balls, to shakes to even yogurt or – sprinkle it onto your roasties with some tumeric to help crisp them up!

Coconut flour is gluten free, low in carbohydrates, high in protein and high in fibre – in fact it contains more dietary fibre than regular wheat flour or wheat alternatives… Let’s look at the nutritional breakdown shall we?


100% Organic Coconut Flour (yup that’s all)

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy: 233 Kcal
Protein: 19.2g
Carbohydrates: 20.8g (of which 18.7g are sugars)
Fat 8.1g (of which 7.54g are saturates)
Fibre: 41.6g
Sodium: 0.08g

It is also Vegan and Organic Certified!

So as you can see pretty much 1/5 of coconut flour is protein and the majority of the nutritional make up consists of dietary fibre – it really doesn’t get much better than this!

My best use of the NUA Naturals coconut flour was this Paleo Semolina recipe!

A bowl of paleo semolina topped with goji berriesA close up of a bowl of Paleo Semolina topped with goji berries

You can buy Nua Naturals coconut flour from here!

NUA Naturals Goji Berries

Goji berries were originally used in Chinese medicine but these little fellas have found their way over to the UK due to the huge number of celebrities that are in utter awe of them. They are packed full of antioxidants and the beta-carotene that they contain gives your skin a lovely, radiant glow. (I feel like I should be smothering these on my face – not eating them, or maybe I should do both?!)

These bright red, juicy miniature superfood warriors are immense! Goji Berries (also known as ‘Wolf Berries’) are high in fibre, and vitamins E, C, B1 & B2.


100% umm Goji Berries!

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy: 309 Kcal
Protein: 11.1g
Carbohydrates: 53.4g (of which 53.2g are sugars)
Fat 2.6g (of which 0.8g are saturates)
Fibre: 14.0g
Sodium: 7.62g
Vitamin E: 184mg (1553% RDA)
Vitamin C: 43.4mg (54% RDA)
Thiamin (B1): 1.52mg (138% RDA)
Riboflavin (B2): 11.3mg (807% RDA)

What do all of these figures mean?

  • Vitamin E for a start will really help your skin as well as boost your immune system, so even with a small portion of goji berries you’ll get your fix.
  • Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) aids in wound healing, cell and organ function
  • Thiamin helps to create energy to essentially keep your organs running smoothly, improves cardiovascular functions (your heart!), prevents cataracts and improves eye health, improves brain function i.e. concentration and memory and aids nerve function by improving myelination (the production of myelin sheath). The myelin sheaths cover your nerves like a little bit of electrical insulation and without them your nervous system wouldn’t function. Top stuff!!!
  • Riboflavin helps increase red blood cell production, boosts mineral absorption, aids in energy production, maintains healthy skin & eyes, and strengthens your immune and digestive system.

So as you can see you’re likely to get close to your RDA for all of these vitamins in just a small handful. Goji Berries really are a top superfood!

For those of you that haven’t tasted goji berries before they taste sweet with a slight tang and bitterness to them, much like the bitterness of a cranberry and the sweetness of a cherry. They’re about the size of raisins and the NUA Naturals ones have such a lovely chew and juiciness to them – I love them!!!

What I also loved about NUA Naturals goji berries is that they are sold in a tub not a bag which keeps them nice and fresh as well as looking vibrant and stylish in your kitchen cupboard or on your countertop!

I made some lovely grain-free granola and cookies with goji berries so check them out!

Try out my recipes for yourself! Grain-Free Goji Granola or my Melt In Your Mouth Goji Cookies

A close up shot of a spoonful of Paleo granola with the bowl in the background.A stack of paleo goji berry and orange cookies

You can buy Nua Naturals goji berries from here!

NUA Naturals Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut sugar is not produced from the fruit but from the sap of the coconut flour itself. The sap is boiled and then dehydrated to create a granulated brown sugar looking substitute. It’s just as sweet as sugar but it is rich in nutrients – it’s high in potassium and chloride, and vitamin B1 which is an added bonus. But sugar is still sugar so remember not to get too carried away with the nutritional content. As it is low on the glycemic index it will not cause your blood sugar to spike and it is 45% fructose it won’t be adding too much stress to your lovely livers.  It is a perfect vegan alternative to raw honey or just as an alternative to other Paleo friendly sweeteners.

Coconut sugar is also one of the most sustainable sugars in the world so you can indulge in this guilt free!


100% Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy: 376 Kcal
Protein: 1.2g
Carbohydrates: 91.9g (of which 86.6g are sugars)
Fat 0.1g (of which 0.1g are saturates)
Fibre: 13.0g
Sodium: 0.2g
Vitamin C: 23.8mg (30% RDA)
Thiamin (B1): 0.45mg (41% RDA)
Potassium: 934.7mg (47% RDA)
Chloride: 466.49mg (58% RDA)
Iron: 2.79mg (20% RDA)

The NUA Naturals coconut sugar will add a lovely caramel flavour to your sweet and savoury dishes or even to your coffee. I like to make a ‘coffee creamer’ using coconut sugar and find it great in the base of a raw cheesecake to help to give that ‘sandy’ biscuity texture.  I also find that it has quite a similar taste to ‘jaggery’ used in Indian cuisine.

You can use this pretty much at the same ratio as normal brown sugar in your recipes.

The Verdict

Well… what can I say?? I am sold!

I was completely bowled over by the funky packaging, the company ethos, the amazingly wide range of products (acai, lucuma, maca, cacao etc) that there just isn’t anything negative to say whatsoever. I kind of just wish that this company was based in the UK!

So get on the interweb and buy yourself some NUA Naturals goodies. You can do this by purchasing from Ireland’s Raw Kitchen or Perfectly Paleo.


If you’d like to follow NUA Naturals online then check out the links below:

Facebook: @nuanaturals

Twitter: @nuanaturals

Instagram: @nuanaturals

Pinterest: @NUANaturals

Caveman Kitchen Biltong Review

Caveman KItchen Biltong

Biltong is a traditional dried beef snack from South Africa. Luckily for you guys you can now buy it in the UK!

The lovely people that sent me out the awesome Caveman Kitchen Vegetable Spiraliser also sent me a couple of packets of their biltong for my children to review (as I don’t eat meat).  Needless to say my daughter was especially happy as she is the biggest carnivore that I know!

The Caveman Kitchen is a wonderful family-run business who will only feed you what they would only ‘offer their own tribe’.

They offer a monthly biltong subscription service where members get 4x100g bags of their biltong for £30 delivered to their door, working out at less than £1 a day for a portion of biltong. They also offer 3 and 6 month subscriptions too. Oh and if you refer a friend and they sign up you get 1 month subscription for free!

The Caveman Kitchen Biltong comes from grass-fed and organically raised British beef.  They use Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Cows (moo) and feed them natural food, in fact these lucky cows get to graze on a mixed saladof 31 different herbs, clovers and grasses! They’re  left to roam free in plenty of grassy space too which is just sweet!

Their biltong is sugar and salt free and is available in traditional or peri peri flavour – or if you want you can have a 50/50 mix! It is also available sliced or uncut. Perfect!

Caveman KItchen Biltong

Certified Paleo, a natural source of creatine, high protein, low fat, low carb snack! Get in!

So if you’re wondering what the difference between biltong and jerky is I shall explain:

  • Biltong is often from thicker cuts of meat. Jerky is thinner!
  • Biltong is never smoke, however Jerky often is.
  • Biltong is marinated and cured using vinegar, Jerky is cured using salt.
  • Biltong is usually more moist than Jerky due to cutting thicker strips.

The Caveman Kitchen Biltong is made by marinating the beef for at least 48 hours.  It is then left to air dry and mature in a controlled atmosphere. It is then cut into strips and packed. In fact each piece of their lovely biltong is handpicked, and hand sliced on the day your order is placed!

Caveman KItchen Biltong

As you can see the ingredients are all listed complete with the best before date, batch number & weight!

So here’s a little nutritional info:

Biltong Ingredients:

Beef Steak (200g for every 100g of Biltong)
Black Pepper
(Peri Peri spices in the Peri Peri flavour)

Allergen Information:

Manufactured in a factory that handles nuts, milk, and eggs.

Nutritional Values per 100g:

Calories: 293 Kcal
Protein: 50.7g
Total Fat: 4.87g
Saturated Fat: 3.87g
Trans Fat: 0g
Salt: 2.54g
Total Carbs: 3g

L-Leucine: 3.9g
L-Isoleucine: 1.7g
L-Valine: 2.8g

What the hell are BCAA’s I hear you ask? Branched-chain amino acids! In a nutshell they help to protect your muscles from muscle breakdown! Pretty nifty huh?

Now all of the facts and figures are out of the way what was the verdict from the little munchkins?

Caveman KItchen Biltong

Traditional Beef Biltong

The little ones said this this was very chewy with no ‘gristle’, in fact it’s tough and a bit ‘rubbery’, oh and flavoursome! It only had a little hint of vinegar to it, they said it tasted a little salty too. It had only a hint of black pepper to it but they couldn’t distinguish the coriander at all.

“It’s less greasy and leaner than normal beef and it tastes like beef gravy” – this has to be the most constructive quote I managed to get between the two of them.

photo 5(29)Caveman KItchen Biltong

Peri Peri Beef Biltong

Again this one they said was very chewy – “like overcooked meat”. The chewiness starts of quite strong and then becomes easier to chew. It’s not too fatty and very lean. The peri peri flavour is subtle, it’s definitely not spicy and a little peppery. They said that it had a ‘vinegary’ like taste similar to hot sauce but without the heat.

“It tastes like beef, dried beef” one of them said. I gather that is a very good thing because it is in fact beef.

photo 2(66)photo 4(41)

The Verdict

Caveman KItchen Biltongphoto 2(65)

This biltong is a fab little snack for when you’re on the go. As you can see in the nutritional information it is packed full of nutrition – the BCAA’s make me want to eat this myself but sadly I can’t.

It is a great snack for young and old too, for the sportsperson, for the cheeky kiddies or the cheeky kiddie inside you!

My 2 said that Peri Peri was the best flavour, and my daughter pretty much devoured the entire bag at once!

Where can I get my hands on this fantastic Caveman Kitchen Biltong?!

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Bag yourselves a biltong bargain guys!

Stay Primal!